Mont-Saint-Michel at the risk of the sea, France
GPS Coordinates 48.614317N, -1.501555W - August 1st, 2020

Lugh is the first deity that the Gauls worshiped on the tomb mountain which would become Mont-Saint-Michel. At the beginning of the 8th century, the bishop of Avranches, Aubert, eradicated one of the last refuges of paganism. Lugh "With Long Arms," who had the power to strike from a distance.
Lugh was associated by the Celts with a tree of life guarded by two dragons, a warrior emblem that spread throughout Celtic Europe in the 4th century and 3rd century BC.
Lugnasadh, the feast Lugh, take place August 1. It was called the “assembly of Lugh”. The god-king represented Sovereignty and the primordial Man.
A lucky hand buried this day of Lugnasadh in the earth on the outskirts of Mont-Saint-Michel, reminds us of this magical place. The feast of the harvest teaches us that it is necessary to give to receive, just as it is necessary to sow to reap.

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