Artic Circle - Rovaniemi

Performance #15 - Lapland - Finland

GPS Coordinate 66.543704 N, 25.847196 E

Dies Natalis Solis Invicti
December 25, 02020

Rovaniemi is a city in northern Finland. The city is located on the Arctic Circle, at the confluence of two rivers. The first written mention of Rovaniemi dates from September 7, 1453. Santa Claus draws his origins from the god Thor, an old man dressed in red and with a white beard traveling in his chariot pulled by goats. Some say it's more Odin riding Sleipnir, his eight-legged horse. Others want to see in it the survival of a Celtic god Gargan who wore a hood and boots.
Anyway, Santa Claus is here, my artistic team met him and offered him a Lucky Hand. 

© 2019 by Didier Touchet 

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