Latvia (Lettonie) - Turaida's rose

Performance #11 - Latvia Turaida

GPS Coordinate 57.185607 N, 24.849057 E

A trip to Latvia is a meeting with Thor. Turaida means in Livonian "the garden of Thor". In English Thursday is "the day dedicated to Thor". The castle of the garden of Thor has existed since the dawn of time on the banks of the Gauja river, each time destroyed, each time rebuilt.
On one side of the river, the Gutmanis cave houses the spring which is reputed to stop aging. On the other side of the river, we can see the tomb of the rose of Turaida, a lover whose dire fate fueled legends.
Nowadays, young couples come to exchange their promises in this place. Behind the stele, a three hundred year old lime tree guards the place. A hand was deposited there.

01 chateau de Turaida.JPG
00 Turaida Latvia N57.185607, E24.849057
03 Jardins du chateau.JPG
04 Parc du chateau.JPG
05 stele de la rose de turaida.JPG
07 Depose d'une main.JPG
06 Tilleul tricentenaire derriere la ste
08 La main de la chance de Turaida.JPG