Venus Victrix

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Artist : Didier Touchet

  • Sculpture Clay and Glaze
  • Size : L:11 in x D:8 in x H:5 in (29 cm x 20 cm x 12 cm)

This piece is a semi-nude 8 inches reclining neo-Classical portrait sculpture by the French sculptor Didier Touchet. Inspired by Pauline Bonaparte as Venus Victrix by the Italian sculptor Antonio Canova.

Reviving the ancient Roman artistic traditions of portrayals of mortal individuals in the guise of the gods, and of the beautiful female form reclining on a couch with the book of knowledge and the apple of discord.
Venus Victrix is in ancient Rome a representation of the goddess Venus victorious or bringing victory, celebrated especially by Pompey to celebrate one of his military success.
It finds its primitive source in the victory that wins Aphrodite at the Judgment of Paris evoked in mythology Greek and its consequence on the founding of Rome by through his son Aeneas.
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